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Is Delaying Breakfast the Same as Skipping Breakfast?

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s been ingrained on us since we were small children. Indeed, to dare to leave the house after drinking only a glass of juice or (horrors!) with no breakfast at all was tantamount to blasphemy in some homes. It simply was not done. Now that many households have both adults working, it’s less likely that anyone has got time to prepare a full breakfast before getting themselves out the door. When you add one or more children into the mix, the early morning hours are even more hectic. The idea of taking time to sit down to eat a meal and get ready to face the day may be too much to cram into an already jam-packed schedule.

The Snooze Button Factor

Some people would rather spend an extra 10 or 15 minutes in bed catching a few precious extra minutes of sleep in the morning than having breakfast before they leave their home. It’s a trade-off that they are prepared to make to delay putting feet to floor one instant before they absolutely have to. What’s the point of having a snooze button on the alarm clock if you don’t use it once or twice before you really get up?

These folks may be very organized and have some breakfast waiting for them when they arrive in the kitchen in the morning. They make their own yogurt parfaits in eight-ounce Mason jars by placing some granola at the bottom layering with plain Greek yogurt, fresh fruit and nuts. Seal the container and refrigerate overnight for a simple, healthy breakfast to go. Smoothies are another way to eat breakfast without having to slow down in the morning. A simple, tasty recipe to try is to take a 1/2 cup of 1 percent milk, three seedless clementines, 1 small banana (frozen), 2 ice cubes, 1 teaspoon of honey and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract and puree in a blender until smooth.


Cant Face Food First Thing Crowd

There are people who simply cannot face dealing with solid food as soon as they get up. No doubt they have tried, having been “encouraged” to whatever extent by parents and other caregivers as they were growing up that some type of irreparable harm would come to them if they did not EAT SOMETHING immediately upon rising.

We are told that people who “skip” breakfast are at higher risk for eating sugar and fat-laden foods at about mid-morning. Our low blood sugar takes away our ability to make healthy choices about what we would like to eat, as well as the ability to plan for a delayed breakfast at mid-morning or whenever we feel ready to “break our fast.”


Delaying Breakfast vs. Skipping Breakfast

It’s more important to stay well hydrated through the day, so as long as you are drinking enough fluids, delaying breakfast until you are ready to eat it is not the same thing as skipping the meal entirely.

It may be a good exercise to drink more water anyway, since many of us confuse being thirsty with hunger signals. Going on an intermittent fast occasionally won’t cause any harm, either. There may be times when you simply don’t feel hungry for part of a day (or even a whole day) and don’t eat.

If you have just had a big lunch, you may not feel hungry at dinnertime or even breakfast the next day. Learn to listen to your body’s signals about when it wants to eat and then what it wants to eat. If you can shut out the “food noise” and stop feeding it simply because the clock, society or your Mom (love you lots, but you weren’t necessarily always right) told you to eat, you’ll find yourself drawn to better, and more healthier choices for you.

Delaying breakfast is not the same thing as skipping the meal entirely. If you happen to be someone who needs time before you can eat, make sure you are getting some fluids in the morning. You can always pack a healthy breakfast to take with you to eat when you feel ready to eat something.


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