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Creating a little bathroom luxury

The bathroom can often become over run by a hectic family life, but with a few easy and simple steps you can turn your bathroom into your very own relaxation sanctuary, without any interruptions from the yellow duck or garish primary coloured toys between your toes.

Lighten Up

Not all of us have the luxury of a large bathroom, but although your bathroom may be small, there are a variety of different design ideas that can make it feel much more spacious and keep it looking stylish amongst the daily duties. Combining a bathroom and shower facility can combine two important areas, and selecting smaller toilets and basins can ensure you’re not wasting space on over extravagant designs that feature more ceramic space than necessary.

Are you getting fed up with the plain white interior that your bathrooms hold?

Well you’ll be pleased to know that the Modern bathroom trends of 2015  will see a “less white” approach in colour schemes with variations of soft blues, mossy greens and clay grey taking the lead in the neutral colour palette.

Although originally white was used to create the feeling of a bigger space due to the light bouncing off and between the walls, why not try mixing this with a pop of colour to stay on trend and increase the spacious feeling. Losing the clutter from your bathroom and allowing as much natural sunlight as possible is another great way to allow for a more spacious feeling bathroom, so invest in some clever storage options that will prevent any mess.

Stay Grounded

With the use of natural materials such as granite, marble, bamboo and wood you are able to get a more earthly feel in your bathroom, which is perfect if you are aiming for a spa-type atmosphere. Though many people have avoided wood in the bathroom due to humidity, faux wood is now available from multiple retailers with suites that can evoke a grounded sense and warmth to the room.

If you don’t want to invest heavily in wooden or marbled floor, you could try enhancing the natural feeling with a wood inspired lino, which won’t make it dangerously slippery when you’re getting out of the tub after a soak.


Plants and flowers are an easy and simple way to accessorise and bring colour into your bathroom, although plants have the ability to purify air they are a lot more hard work, which is why artificial ones are a little more popular as they are equally beautiful and becoming increasingly realistic.

Adding in storage spaces is a great way to hide any children’s bathroom toys, normally scattered around the edge of the bath tub. So when it comes to your spa inspired bath time, store these items away and replace them with some of your favourite scented candles.

Creating a spa themed bathroom isn’t as hard or financially demanding as you might presume, and can be done on a budget. All you have to do is become inventive, take a look around Pinterest for lots more unique and easy ideas that can transform your bathroom. And finally just find yourself some time to enjoy it.

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