Ombré Cheesecake Recipe
Ombré Cheesecake Recipe, image via source at

Ombré Cheesecake Recipe, image via source at

It's no secret that I love birthdays, or any celebration that encourages a buffet table and decorations!


And this year I was determined to make Rich's birthday cake. So the best thing is to go for something simple and easy right? Noooo, let's go for a multi layer ombré cheesecake!

It's actually easier than you think. The trick is to make it in 2 tins.

This is a no bake, no fuss recipe for anyone wanting to try out cheesecake making like me for the first time. There are lots of recipes on the internet but this is mine, cobbled together with a phone call from my mum and the lovely lady at the cake shop near me, who helped me with the icing colours!